• “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” by St. Augustine
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Surviving the First Four Months of Motherhood

How I wish someone can prepare me for the first 4 months of being a mother. But, of course, I was obsessed with the pregnancy and the anticipation of the arrival of the baby that I did not think ahead. First Month: Breastfeeding That’s my number one issue during my first month as a mother. … Continue reading

Fuck you, easyBus.

Day 8 (31 Oct 2015, Sat) The Portobello Market is just 9min walk from our apartment so we woke up early to have a quick visit: Being one of London’s notable street markets, it is known for its second-hand clothes and antiques: Though our flight to Reykjavik was at 3.25pm, we need to head off … Continue reading

Wands, Pig Ears and Buttery Steak

Day 7 (30 Oct 2015, Fri) On our last full day in London, we started off our day at the King’s Cross Station where you can find the infamous Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾. How exciting! We were early so there wasn’t much a queue. There will be two staff managing the trolley – one that … Continue reading

My Journey as an Annoyed Pregnant Lady

First Trimester Life has been good. I did not suffer from any morning sickness at all and I managed to keep my weight in check. Well, I guess it is more due to the fact that I gained 5kg before the pregnancy so I need to do something about my weight now. The only change … Continue reading

Penny for My Thoughts at Week 37

As I am coming close to the end of my pregnancy journey, 1 to 2 weeks depending on my baby, I came to realise how attached I was to my job. Due to some major changes in my workplace as well as, well, my gut feeling, I think things will be different when I am … Continue reading