What I wrote when I was turning 30

I wrote this 3 years ago on my birthday to my future self. I always look at it every now and then to make I am on track. Since everything is falling apart, here’s you go. To my 30-year-old, surely you cannot be more wrong.

Dear Wendy,

Happy 35th birthday to you! Hope you are doing fine. I am hoping you are still with Junxian and he should be gotten used to you calling him hubby yet? If you are (and remain) married, I am so happy for you. With two kids, I supposed? Hopefully one boy and one girl? Are they driving you crazy yet? I hope your home is full of laughter and love! Talking about home, is it still in the state when you first got it? I visualised it to be super homey-feel with a bit of edgy look. How did it turn out? And I was wondering, did I spend too much for the renovation/furnishing?

How are you, in terms of work? Please tell me you have progressed and moved on to greener pastures. Are you still in Compliance? Or did you find the FX secrets! If you did, I think you freaking awesome and I am so proud of you. I cannot imagine how you did it but you did! If you did not, are you earning spare changes from the FX trading then? Hmmm.. I prefer to know you found the secrets!

And how’s Junxian? Is he doing well in his work/life/health? Remember to get him to eat more. He really eats so little now… I hope he is healthy and still as hot? 🙂 Are you guys still as lovey dovey?

So what’s your current obsession? Did you manage to pick up any new hobbies recently? Oh, and have you managed to travel to South America? And did you manage to lose any weight? You know I am like how fat now, 57ish. Did you manage to go below 50kg!? Hmph! Please be a hot mama!


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